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L810 LED Obstruction Light
Item Number: 860-1R01-001, -002; 860-1R02-001, -002
Available in Red, Blue, Green, White, Amber (Yellow)
Single Unit 120V: $199.75Double Unit 120V: $379.10
Single Unit 240V: $201.25Double Unit 240V: $390.25
LED Red Side Lights
Item Number: RTO-1R07-001, -002, -004
Available in Red, Blue, Green, White, Amber (Yellow)
Single Unit: $108.00Double Unit: $233.75
Retrofit Only: $105.00
White LED Down Light
Item Number: STW-201, -301; HZC-02-201, -301

180 Degree: $767.00360 Degree: $767.00
180 Degree, C1D2: $867.00360 Degree, C1D2: $867.00
Dual Red/White LED Flash-Head & Power Supply Complete
Item Number: D1RW-DUAL

Single Unit, cable not Included: $6150.00
L864 Gen5 Red LED Beacon
Item Number: D564-A13-001

Single Unit: $1379.00
Hazardous Condition Visual Signal Lights
Item Number: Varies - Call for Part# !Class 1, Division 2!
Available in Red, Blue, Green, White, Amber (Yellow)
Single Unit 120V: $495.00Double Unit 120V: $872.13
Single Unit 240V: $497.50Double Unit 240V: $875.00
08 Complete Power Supply (No Box)
Item Number: D1RW9008

Sale: $2010.00
08 Red Power Supply PCB
Item Number: D1RW0084R

Sale: $750.00
08 White Power Supply PCB
Item Number: D1RW0084W

Sale: $750.00
08 Control PCB
Item Number: D1RW0084FM

Sale: $560.00
08 Capacitor Module PCB
Item Number: D1RW0084CP

Sale: $582.81
VAW to RTO Adaptor
Item Number: FCT-06518

Sale: $70.00
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